Sunday, May 31, 2015

First Stream!

Some times I'm kind of impulsive.

I mean, you can look at it like I know what I want, but most of the time I make quick decisions and see what happens. Earlier this week, I decided I wanted to stream again. Again? The post is titled "First Stream" for gods sake. Well about 4 years ago I used to stream a variety of games on Twitch under the screen name Lion965 (my Starcraft ID).

I was terrible. Just terrible. I think I peaked at 12 viewers in the 3 months I did it. I streamed games no one cared about, talked about things people didn't want to talk about, and just wasn't good. I decided this time would be different. I'd use my iMac's webcam, which I didn't do before. I'd talk to the chat, and talk about my lines of play, even if no one was chatting. And I'd stream Magic.

Well I think the first stream was a success. It started a little slow. I played the first 2-man to about 5 people, a couple of which were helping me out in the chat. Then I played another 2-man and went up to 20 viewers, more people were talking. And then I played a third 2-man and I think I peaked around 25 viewers. I couldn't ask for more. People were helpful; critical, but nice. A couple people really helped me see different lines that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. But really, it was a lot of fun.

After the 2-mans, I had planned to do the 8pm Daily, since my girlfriend was out of town. Unfortunately, I hadn't expected to be so exhausted by the end of the 2-mans. Constantly talking and trying not to mess up in front of people is really difficult! So instead of doing the Daily, I just chilled out and did some cleaning around the house.

I'm planning on streaming more. In fact, a few hours after this post I'm planning on streaming the Modern Daily.

If you're wondering how the games went yesterday I went 1-2, but both the losses were close. I'm not going to post the spreadsheet because it was too difficult to update when I was streaming.

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 - Chris

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