Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 1

Well, the first day didn't go that badly.

I decided to spend some time in the tournament practice room. For one, I'm still really new to the deck and can't afford to spew that many tickets off. Secondly, I like the confidence boost that it gives me. Obviously the tournament practice room isn't where the best players come to face off, but I get to see a lot of different decks and it puts me in a lot of different situations.

Last night, after I finished playing I realized I hadn't posted the decklist I will be running...

There it is. A pretty stock UR Twin list. I wish the fetch lands were different, but I can't afford it at the moment. In a few months I'm hoping to have a full set of Scalding Tarns and Misty Rainforests, but until then, this will do. Another budget issue is the 2nd Spellskite. Right now they're at around 25 tickets on MTGO. Certainly worth it in the current metagame, but they're about to be reprinted in the new Modern Masters set. So I'm just going to wait a week. I'll probably cut the Roast, but we'll see.

Anyway, here's the results from May 25, 2015:

Yes. My first match was against Esper Polymorph. When the match started I thought he was on BW tokens, but when I tapped out on turn 4 suddenly there was an Emrakul in play. I had only saw 1 basic land that game, so I brought in 2 Blood Moons. He only had basics in play. 8 of them. I drew both Blood Moons. Yeah.

I won all three matches against Collected Company decks. The third match was interesting. I had put him on a Budget Zoo list and then he tried to Collected Company. Turned out I was right, it was just a Budget Zoo list with CoCo. I brought in Keranos since I saw Enchantment hate and Paths. I was hoping to just play the control game in this one. Game 3 it worked out.

The last match against UW Control was by far the most exciting. I had no business winning Game 1. We were deep in the game, he had 5 cards, all of which were unknown. He had Vedelkan Shackles out and 2 Mana open. I had Snapcaster, Twin, Twin, Exarch. If I Exarched he just steals it. So I Snapped end of turn, put the first Twin on it, hoping he would steal it. He did. Then I end stepped Exarch, Untap, Main, Twin, hope he has nothing. He had nothing. Seriously. I wanted to play UW control in Modern for a while, but stuff like that makes it so unappealing.

Game 2 was me Turn 4 end step Vendillion Clique, hope to draw a couple counters to land a Keranos. He Mana Leaks, I Spell Snare. Clique resolves. He has no way to counter Keranos. I leave him his hand. I land Keranos. I draw almost every land in my deck but finally finish him off through Keranos triggers. Super fun games.

The match against Scapeshift was tough! He was clearly an experienced pilot and was really knowledgeable about the matchup. I, on the other hand, was neither. Here's a tough spot from Game 1 where I didn't know what to do:

I Cliqued, hoping to take a Scapeshift since he was tapped out. What I saw was this. He has the 7th land in his hand, but I'm not 100% sure I can beat the Cryptic. He also has a suspended Search for Tomorrow that's coming off next turn, meaning he can cast Cryptic and Scapeshift, if he were to draw one. I'm pretty sure I left him with everything, and I still think that's the right play. He's at 9, and he either has to draw Scapeshift or deal with the Clique. He ended up drawing Izzet Charm and Repealed into Scapeshift, but I'm fairly sure this was the right decision.

A pretty good start to learning the deck. I made a ton of mistakes, but I learned a lot from them. Hopefully I can get some more games in today!

Thanks for reading!
- Chris

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